Augmented Reality, and the Mixed Reality
Augmented Reality, and the Mixed Reality
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The newest advances in computer vision, sensor fusion, and new-age display technologies have brought augmented reality and mixed reality, which has already reached the usability stage.

What is Augmented Reality(AR)?

As the name implies, Augmented Reality or AR enhances our world-perception by overlapping graphics, images, or a collection of interactive data created by computers. AR aims to put digital information into a real-world viewpoint of an individual. The computer-generated contents are superimposed on the physical world so that both can be viewed together instead of shutting down reality as in VR.

An example of AR could be an in-depth view of your lounge that…

All who bumps into the technology industry knows the words UI and UX. While most people understand rudimentary terminology in relation to a digital world, a lot of speculation still remains.

UI enables a thing to be used. UX is the way you act like that.

A user interface is a system which enables the control of a machine by a human. It’s merely like a correlated system when you pull the trigger and get a treat. Don Norman, the user-end design guru, discusses UX by saying, “It encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its…

The twenty-first century brought tremendous technological advancement that we could not dream about a couple of decades earlier. Today, it can be found that people benefit from Google’s AI-controlled predictions, Ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft, as well as commercial flights with an AI autopilot that uses everyday music recommender systems to involve artificial intelligence, Google maps, and many more apps are powered with AI. However, there is still a misunderstanding between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. One of Google’s popular queries reads: “is machine learning and artificial intelligence the same thing?” …

The effects of recent artificial intelligence (AI) developments have spurred a heated debate worldwide. As science fiction begins to come true, AI products slowly infiltrate homes and places of work.

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AI can improve such things as healthcare , education, poverty and security considerably. AI computers can even do some really useful stuff today that humans can’t do. If we use this in order to improve what people do better, AI will have a positive effect on the Internet itself on society , industry and culture.

AI in the world of Modern Farming

The population of the world is expected to…

The IoT stands for itself in a world that is full of thrilling and revolutionary developments — and is just beginning.

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Although in some industries it is more useful than others, it extends beyond what many people know, some ways it changes.

In the following mainstream industries worldwide, the use of IoT is greatly noticeable:

  1. Health care:
    The whole health sector is the leading IoT industry. Personal medical equipment, such as fitness equipment and bands, allows consumers to monitor their health. …

The issue popped up while I was trying to install OpenCV on windows by using Anaconda, which is quite easier than any other method to follow.

Installing OpenCV:

Launch the Anaconda prompt from the start menu:

captured from the search box

if you chose “All users” while installing then you have to launch the prompt by Right-clicking and choosing “Run as Administrator” to execute with administrator privileges. This is quite essential

To install the OpenCV we need to type the following command at the prompt:

conda install -c conda-forge opencv

Alternatively, way of installing install the OpenCV:

We can alternatively choose to install through anaconda navigator graphical interface. type in “opencvin search packages search bar. choose to install all the listed packages.

IoT has many applications that have changed the world in the form of Smart Home, Wearables, Smart City, Smart Grids, Industrial Internet, Connected Automobiles, Connected Health (Digital Health / Telemeds), Smart Retail, Smart Supply Chain and Smart Farming.

IoT has many applications, but today we’re going to cover the top 6 cases of IoT use. So, let’s get started and explore it one by one!

Smart Farming

In the agricultural industry, IoT equipment facilities are expected to rise from 30 million to 75 million by 2020 in 2015. …

8+ tips to start taking close-ups without a macro or prime lens.

  • When shooting for good close-ups for nature photography, it is always good that you have a macro lens or prime lens. Start knowing the basics of manual photography, if not available, because we try to depict a prime lens do take a good picture.
  • Try setting the aperture as high as possible. The aperture of the kit lens is usually from 3.5 to 5.6.
  • Good field depth is produced with a high aperture, and more light is collected through the sensor, which is required to take pictures with poor light.
  • We also need to keep the focal length high as…

The hyped DLT technology is capable of eliminating large amounts of record-keeping, saving time, streamlining supply chain and disrupting IT in ways that the Internet has never seen.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows thousands of servers to store data worldwide while allowing everybody on the network to view the data of anyone else in close to real-time. A blockchain is immune to data change by design. Each block has the previous block cryptographic hash, timestamp, and details of the transaction.

FAQs on Blockchain:

  1. What is Cryptocurrency?
    → Crypto-currency is most generally referred to as a digital currency that can be stored…

Astronomers found what might be the first known moon to orbit an exoplanet.

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Astronomers found what might be the first known moon to orbit an exoplanet. Previous observations of the NASA in Kepler last year suggested its existence, but astronomers now are more confident that an exomoon, is real with new and better data from the robust Hubble Space Telescope. Evidence suggests that it is as large as Neptune, orbiting a gas-giant planet about the size of Jupiter (known as “Kepler-1625b”). Researchers say the moon hypothesis is timely, and Hubble follow-up observations must be confirmed. The moon is designated Kepler-1625b-i. The new results are available in the “Science Advances” journal.

It is not…

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